April Showers Bring…..

April Showers Bring…..

Lots of May (I mean April) flowers!

plum blossoms Plum blossoms!!!

Oh the fragrance that fills the air when the plums are in bloom.  One of my favorite fragrances.

purple violetspurple violets… soon to be many more.

more tulipstulips…

tulipsand more tulips!!!

lungwortlungwort or pulmonaria,

and more!and many more to come!

I love spring flowers…every year I seem to plant more in the fall.  And then in the spring Scotty and I go around and check daily to see what is coming to life!

So encouraging after a long winters’ sleep.

I also lots of work that is needed- more mulch needs to be bought and schlepped in.  Today I started trimming back the winter sticks on the perennials.  I like to leave them for winter interest, but it is time to clean it up before the new green plants get too big.  It feels so good to get back at gardening!  I am thankful for spring, thankful for newness of life.  Spring is here!!!!

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