Spring Craziness

Spring Craziness

The weather has been swinging so much from warm one day and snowing the next.  I was beginning to worry about my plants.

The warm days the buds started coming out and then we got this:

frozen daffodils and this:

icy street Yes, it looked lovely -this frozen icy land.

But we began to wonder if Elsa was back in Decorah hanging out.  😉

icy branches

But a week later the daffodils survived and spring has come (I think)

daffodils and the crocuses are shouting out, “SPRING IS HERE!”


I checked out my raised beds today and there is lettuce coming up!

Yeah!  My practice of letting the lettuce going to seed has yielded me early lettuce in the spring the last two years.  So excited to see new growth!

Even Scotty is checking it out.  lettuce sprouts



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