Vicks VapoRub to Cure Toenail Fungus

Vicks VapoRub to Cure Toenail Fungus

For a long time my second toe on each foot has had a thicker nail and the skin (or whatever it was) underneath was getting thicker.  Because my toe is the longest it got banged around on my shoes more when walking so I thought that was the cause.  Then I read the following articles on how putting Vicks VapoRub on your toes could kill fungus and I thought- why not??   I wasn’t certain if it was fungus or not, but I do have issues with candida yeast in my system so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it.  I cut those two toenails very short so that the Vicks could get to the tissue under the nails as much as possible.  The first night after washing my feet I put on the Vicks and then a sock.  But it was summer and I get super warm so that was too uncomfortable.  So after that I just put a bandaid over the Vicks on my toe.  I did this faithfully for 8 weeks.  While my toe nail is now totally grown out from the nail bed after about 4 months the nails seems much more normal.  I would say this is a success.  Of course I will have to continue to watch and see if there are negative changes, but for now I am really happy I tried it. 

While this could be achieved with essential oils and a thicker carrier oil I did have some Vicks and figured it was a good way to use it up.

Active Ingredients in Vicks VapoRub: Camphor (4%), Eucalyptus Oil(1.2%), Menthol (2.6%).

Inactive Ingredients: Cedarleaf Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Special Petrolatum,Thymol, Turpentine Oil.


toenail fungus before


healthy toenail after

A friend of mine pointed out that Vicks has petroleum jelly in it and that in itself could be harmful.  In the future I will try this homemade version:  Make a Natural Vicks VapoRub

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