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veggie soup ingredients

Veggie Soup- It’s What is for Lunch!

Veggie Soup- It’s What is for Lunch!

veggie soup

Day two of cleanse and I am doing ok.  Yesterday started out with 16 oz of green juice, I am allowing myself organic coffee with some coconut milk also.  Yesterday’s lunch was homemade chicken veggie soup, snack of a pear in the morning, an apple in the afternoon.  Last night’s meal was brocoli, onion, chicken stirfry with mandarin oranges for evening snack.  Also, I drank a gallon of purified water throughout the day.  

Today starts the three days of green juice for breakfast and this lovely veggie soup for lunch and supper.  Snacks will consist of pear, apple, grapefruit or berries, depending on my mood and if necessary I will add almonds for some protein.   Read More