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Fresh Cut Tree, Live Tree or Artificial?

Fresh Cut Tree, Live Tree or Artificial?

Christmas treeThe question was posed on the Today Show this morning real or fake?  For my big tree it has to be real.  Every year I look at artificial trees in the store and think, “that would be easier and maybe cheaper in the long run.”  But I just can’t do it.  I love the smell of the tree, I love the natural look and I even love the shelter it gives the critters outside after Christmas.   I am supporting a local farmer by buying there trees and they will decompose in short order (or burn in our outdoor fire pit).  Artificial trees don’t really decompose, have iffy health consequences (especially to those who are chemically sensitive), some apparently have lead in them.  Nope, just can’t do it!  

My favorite tree is a balsam fir and the one we got this year was literally dripping sap when we trimmed of the end.

Balsam fir The fragrance in my home is awesome.  And the needles on the tree are soft to the touch so no pricking while decorating.  I love the openness of the tree for hanging my old ornaments.  Another plus is that when we trim off a few bottom branches we get lovely greens for decorating outside.  Also, our farmer has free greens available after they trim some.

greens outside

For years I had been wanting to try a live tree in the house but was afraid it wouldn’t live.  In 2010 we decided to give it a try.  We bought a 4′ spruce tree at a local nursery.  We put it in an old wash tub on a stand to give it some height. live Christmas tree

 After Christmas we just moved it out to our enclosed porch until spring.  It is now a lovely tree growing in the yard.

 small spruce tree  It is the small tree in this picture.  We did leave it in the pot all year for front yard decoration and that may have stunted it’s growth a bit.  But it is growing well now and appears to be thriving in the back yard.  We will probably do that again some year but for this year we are really happy with the balsam we chose.  Christmas tree evening

If you are thinking about getting a different tree here are a few more articles that may interest you in helping you to make up your mind this year.  The Great Debate: Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Trees 

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