Vegetable Omelet

Vegetable Omelet

Vegetable Omelet

Today’s lunch

omelet ingredients

Sauted onions, zucchini, kale, eggs, raw milk cheddar cheese

No one can say I am starving if they learn to eat healthy and incorporate plenty of veggies in their diet:

½ chopped onion

¼ chopped zucchini

1 stalk of kale, chopped

2 eggs, beaten

1 oz shredded cheese

salt, pepper, garlic and cayenne pepper to taste

Delicious and filling.


Cayenne is good for your heart so I am trying to incorporate it in as many meals as I can.  Several years ago I choked if I had anything spicy and I have worked my way up to having some chipotle and jalepeno peppers in dishes as well.

My eggs are purchased from a friend who has free range chickens, the raw milk cheddar is from our local Oneota Coop.  And the veggies are from the garden.  I like to use our local farmers’ market to supplement what I don’t grow and am trying to source as much of my food locally as possible.  It is nice to know your grower and better for the environment to not have food shipped all over the world.   That said, I don’t plan on giving up coffee or almonds any time soon and those don’t come from around here.  Although, we do have a local coffee roaster that I like to buy from- so better than nothing!

Lunch Calories Carbs Sat Fat Protein Fiber Sugar
Cheddar Cheese Medium -tilamook – Cheddar Cheese Medium, 1 oz 110 0 5 7 0 0  
Duh – Egg, 2 egg 156 1 3 12 0 1  
Onions, raw, 0.5 small 14 3 0 0 1 1  
Squash, zucchini, baby, raw, 0.25 large 1 0 0 0 0 0  
Baby Kale – Baby Kale, 1 cups 23 5 0 2 1 1  
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304 9 8 21 2 4  

Calorie and nutrition information from myfitnesspal.

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