monarch butterfly

Goodbye Summer Birds and Butterflies

Goodbye Summer Birds and Butterflies

As autumn is now here in full force I bid adieu to the summer birds and butterflies.  My favorite thing that I have planted in the past couple of years has been my front flower bed.  I can sit at my office desk and watch the birds and butterflies sipping nectar or mowing down on seed heads.

monarch butterfly        goldfinch  

There is always something entertaining to watch.  The other day a bunny sat upright posed just the same as our little bunny statue and posed.  And the squirrels are ever attempting to dig their walnuts everywhere.  This is annoying at the same time as it is entertaining.  Mostly I just let them do whatever they want and then deal with the baby walnut trees throughout the growing season.  

Things are browning out front now but it was nice to look back at the late summer activity in the flower garden.

bunny If you look closely you can see the back of the bunny in the lower left.

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