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Happy Valentines Day Memories

Happy Valentines Day Memories

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My mom was a fan of crafting now she focuses most of that energy into amazing quilts, but when I was a kid she made lots of fun things.  She especially found interesting ways of using scraps of fabric that she had made our clothes out of.

valentine tree

I think now that we really didn’t have much money at all, but it didn’t seem that way at all to us.  She made super cute little cloth hearts to hang on a branch that she stuck in a glass jar.  When she was downsizing to move to an apartment several years ago I was quick to lay claim to that branch and the valentine hearts.  

This past year I started knitting and relearned how to crochet.  I love making quick little things like flowers, butterflies and ……yes…..hearts!  So I have added my cute little crocheted hearts to the tree and of course, made several for my grand kids to enjoy at their homes.

 crocheted heart  crocheted hearts


Below are the links for some of the ones I have tried:

Happy Hearts pattern

Cute Little Hearts

Several Sized Hearts

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