winter friends

Winter Friends

Winter Friends

dove and bluejay

One of the upsides of feeding the birds right out in front of the office window is not only the different birds we get to see but all the other critters that are hungry and hang out.

They provide great entertainment for us.  The squirrels are braver and come out in the middle of the day.  squirrels

Their antics are hilarious.  At one point we had 5 of them running and playing with each other.  

Before daylight and after dark the bunnies come to check out the goodies.

bunny  winter friends

They hide under our porch and provide additional exercise for our Beagle, Scotty when they decide to chance a run out of there.  We do pay for the entertainment in other ways than the food we buy.  They nibble on my shrubs and cause me some frustration, but the cuteness outways the frustration for me.  I try to plant enough garden in the summer to share with the wild critters and protect the more sensitive shrubs.  This fall I left some kale in my garden after a freeze and they have stripped all of the leaves and outer coating off.   Each person has to way the cost/benefit of feeding the wildlife.  But for us the benefit far outweighs the cost.  Enjoy the critters and see the joy in them!  🙂

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