purple finch on top

Feed the Birds

Feed the Birds

Yesterday the snow was coming down and the wind was howling when I looked out my window and saw a frenzy of bird activity.  Purple finches, nuthatches, chickadees and sparrows sharing the food on the hanging feeder and on the ground.

hungry birds  

Don’t forget our bird friends this winter.  Even with the seed heads in my flower garden and in my regular garden they need a regular food supply.

purple finch on top   hungry birds

They do like to hang out in my old lilac bush since it provides shelter and apparently food since the woodpecker has been going at it this morning on it.  Over there this morning I spotted a cardinal, downy woodpecker and more chickadees.  Every year I am adding more bird friendly flowers, shrubs and trees.  Soon my Christmas tree will head outside to be an additional shelter for the critters from the cold.

Remember our friends and show them you care…..  “Feed the birds, tuppence a bag” 🙂

Feed The Birds

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