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Pets, The Best Medicine

Pets, The Best Medicine

Yesterday I saw a video of a dog calming a woman that has aspergers who was having what looked like an anxiety attack.  It reminded me of how good pets are for our mental well-being.  For my entire life animals have been a calming force in my life.  From the time I was 5 until I was 13 we lived on a dairy farm.  I spent as much time as possible in the barn or the pasture with the cows, cats, dogs and horses.  They were my best friends.  You can tell them anything and they don’t judge or repeat it to anyone.  🙂


As an adult we had a few foster kids live with us and our dogs and cats were such a comfort to those kids when they were missing family or just sad.  When they couldn’t express their feelings to us the pets would comfort.


I can’t imagine life without a dog.  I have developed allergies to cats but can enjoy them from a distance.  But dogs….man they just are there.  If you feed them they love you forever.  If you have a bad day and maybe yell they are quick to forgive.  My Scotty, our resident beagle, has been a joy.  We try really hard to resist his begging when it comes to treats so that he doesn’t get overweight, but when it comes to begging to go for a walk I cannot say “no” to him.  So he helps me to get my exercise and fresh air.  This is definitely a plus for me.  I am not a naturally active person.  I would rather sit and read.  So I really need this push.  I love being outside and walking but it can get forgotten without his pushing.  “How can you say no to this adorable face?”

Scotty begging

He also brings so much joy from being just silly.  He loves to play keep away with us.  He brings a toy or his bone like he wants us to take it then runs away when we reach for it.  Scotty keep away

He does this crazy run in circles, up and down the stairs, up on the bed and flying off of it when he is overjoyed.  Like when we get home or after his bath and towel down.  I laugh so hard!!!!  And you know that laughter is good medicine.

Pets are a commitment and not all types or breeds are for everyone so it is in everyone’s best interests to do your research before choosing one.  Just because a puppy is adorable is not a reason to get one.  They are long term, living, breathing commitments.  But if you are up for it I highly recommend it!

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