Neti Pot for sinus health

Neti-Potting for Sinus Health

Neti-Potting For Sinus Health

Neti Pot for sinus health

For several years now I have been using my neti pot daily in the winter for sinus health.  I used to get awful sinus headaches and toothaches stemming from the sinuses.  Several people suggested to me trying the neti pot but I thought, “ no way am I pouring water on purpose into my nose”.  Memories of water up the nose while swimming pretty much quelled any desire to want to try it.  But eventually I got tired of being miserable and decided it couldn’t hurt to try it.  I cannot express to you the relief I have found from this simple routine.  I use salt designed for the purpose and warm distilled water only (using tap water could cause worse infection if the water was contaminated). 

The only time it has ever hurt or caused discomfort is when I already have an infection going on.  To combat the dry air and indoor air pollution I have found that daily doing it has helped me stave off most colds and flu-like problems.  I work in a tax office and winter is not a time you want to be sick (not that any other time you do either).  Another benefit I have noticed is that I don’t get bronchial symptoms much any more either.   Every winter I used to be plagued with bronchitis, sinusitis and was pretty much miserable.  Most days I just use salt and distilled water, but if I feel sinus pain, toothache or bronchial symptoms I switch to using Baraka Cold/Flu blend salt which has essential oils of Virginia Cedarwood, Palmarosa, Green Mytle, Fir Balsam and Rosemary.   I buy this at our local coop but it is also for sale at their website:

I also get headaches from exposure to cigarette and wood smoke.  If I neti pot shortly after exposure it helps avoid problems.  If you suffer from these types of problems please give neti-potting a try.  It doesn’t really cost much and you save plenty from having to take over the counter medicines that can cause other issues over time in your body.

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