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Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

11 Diseases Coffee Can Prevent

The above article is good news for those of us who enjoy our coffee.  Coffee is good for us!  One thing I have done to improve the health of this cream and sugar lover is to use organic coconut milk and a tsp of pure maple syrup or honey in my coffee.  Sure it doesn’t reduce the calories but it tastes good and is a healthier substitute. 

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 Since my change in diet isn’t all about weight loss but as a lifelong change in living to get healthy I am OK with that.  I know I am on a slow track to losing weight, but am feeling better all of the time.  I love getting news that food and drink that is closest to nature is actually better for you than previously suspected.  I feel it is mostly about moderation, portion control and taking time to thoroughly enjoy whatever food or drink I am having at the time.

Another thing I have decided to do recently is to get rid of my drip coffeemaker in favor of using a French press.  It is so much easier to clean the press and not have to worry about mold accumulating in the reservoir.  Also it is easier to store in the cupboard and not have on the counter top wasting valuable space.  Just broke my IKEA glass carafe and decided to go for a stainless steel one.  I also have a camping coffeepot that we sometimes use when we have company. 

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